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Portal 2, Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Crysis 2

Oh dear it seems when I have 3 new games to play in short succession I don’t really want to do any writing Here are short reviews of the games I have been playing Portal 2 Easily the best game of the year more charm than any of the solid but soulless AAA titles so [...]

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Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga: Ego Draconis Review

PC The history of the Divinity 2 games is slightly confusing, the initial release of Divinity 2: Ego Draconis in November 2009 was met with mixed reviews to address some of issues Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga was released a year later, this includes a re-mastering of the Ego Draconis story and also adds [...]

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Tomb Raider Legend

System: PC using Xbox 360 Controller Tomb Raider Legend is the first of the three Tomb Raider games developed by Crystal Dynamics, who are currently working on the franchises 3rd reboot. Legend sees Lara searching for treasure but rather than the simply doing it for the sake of it there is some surprisingly effective personal [...]

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Mass Effect

Pros There is a great sense of growth as a character in both gameplay and story. Your character becomes more powerful, and you can adapt their skills in the way that suits your playing style. You’ll also make increasingly important decisions in regards to the game world and the characters that inhabit it. The world [...]

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Pros The writing in Bioshock is easily its strongest feature; it manages to be clever but not so much as to be overwhelming. The player is always aware of what is happening – even if not why. The theme of objectivism versus chaos is explored throughout, but without detracting from the surface story. The game [...]

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Pros Doesn’t fit into any predefined genre, truly a unique experience. You can play how you want; devoting your time to exploration, building, mining, monster hunting, farming or creation of elaborate traps. The most impressive thing I have seen is the creation of a working logic circuit in the game, something I would never have expected. [...]

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Dead Rising 2

Pros There’s a large variety of ever expanding tools and skills with which to play. The absurdity of some of the combination items is a standout factor, as it can lead to hilarious situations with its tongue in cheek approach. Moments such as creating a lightsaber using a torch or attaching a car battery to [...]

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