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Some more of Arrivals greatest mistakes

Arrival is the final piece of DLC for Mass Effect 2 and is supposed to be a bridge between the two games and sadly ends up being the weakest what follows is several reasons why. Boring locations Almost all the levels in the DLC are your uninspired indoor warehouse type environment all the other DLCs [...]

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Games of 2011

I am usually interested in about 4 or 5 of the games going into a year but in 2011 there’s a lot more. Here is a list in vaguely chronological order I am fully expecting a delay to some of these but the sheer number simply in the first half mean this is going to [...]

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Some Things

After once again failing to get going with gamesgoblin I finally have some content for this part. It may be work I did for a job application but who cares, 4 reviews of games with pros and cons that is quality writing skills.

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