Some more of Arrivals greatest mistakes

Arrival is the final piece of DLC for Mass Effect 2 and is supposed to be a bridge between the two games and sadly ends up being the weakest what follows is several reasons why.

Boring locations
Almost all the levels in the DLC are your uninspired indoor warehouse type environment all the other DLCs had a range of environments and some interesting gameplay additions, Kasumi had a millionaires mansion and a treasure vault, Overlord had a crashed Geth ship a volcanic valley and the inside of a satellite dish and Lair of the Shadow Broker had the top of a ship in a gas giants terminator zone. There a few adequate outdoors parts one in a rainy prison one in a vacuum on an asteroid but all the indoor settings are utterly uninspired in comparison.

Trivialised story
While the DLC starts off with some promise a proper return of Admiral Hackett from the first game the whole event seems trivialised to a side quest when it is arguably the most important event in the whole of the Mass Effect 2 story Shepard barely has to do anything to stop the Reaper invasion. The Reaper artefact that is the timer of the invasion just turns out to be a poorly explained plot device with absolutely no logical purpose and it doesn’t even turn the mad scientist into some sort of interesting boss monster. On the subject of a mad scientist she seems incredibly poorly written after the rationalisations other indoctrinated people have had for wanting the reapers to come.

Lack of decisions
The game makes all of them for you the most important of which is one that may well have been out of character for the way a lot of people play.

No Squad
While there a clear reasons that voice work could not be done for all your team there is no reason that you could not have been given a few alliance personal to help you out who could then have made the decision against your will that your Shepard makes. The lack of a squad means the battles you fight are generally smaller in scale and when playing a soldier you have access to only a few boring powers rather than the interesting ones of your squadmates. There’s a general lack of variety in enemy types too when adding in husks would be well within reason for the plot.

This was a sad send off for Mass Effect 2 and after the poor reception of Dragon Age 2 only 18 months after the originals release I not sure how much hope I have of Mass Effect 3 not being rushed after a similar length of time. You could say “This is not Commander Shepards favourite DLC on the Citadel”.