I am not really a fan of pre-rendered trailers they tell you nothing about the actual experience of the game and while I remember loving the first Bioshock trailer when it came around I don’t use them anymore as a means to interest me in a game.

Take a few examples of unreleased games. I enjoyed the Star Wars: The Old republic trailer but it is not going to make me buy the game it I am in agreement it is probably the best Star Wars related thing in a long time but has nothing to do with the actual product with the exception of the story.

Same is true of the Dead Island trailer that everyone seemed to love last month yet I found the whole thing underwhelming the heavy handed approach attempting to tug your heartstrings with a zombified child for a game that is unlikely to include any children  and so make the emotional aspect of it irrelevant.

On the other hand the Skyrim trailer while looking heavily scripted still shows off what appear to be actual game environments as well as snippets of gameplay while simultaneously giving some backstory.

Batman Arkham City is again heavily edited but it shows things you will actually be able do mixed with actual ingame environments and action.

Both of these sell me on the game far more than the pre-rendered trailers.

I don’t think pre-rendered are useless they can be great to introduce a story and get initial interest into setting and characters and in the case of an MMO where actual game footage is less than exciting it is probably a much better choice.