Doesn’t fit into any predefined genre, truly a unique experience. You can play how you want; devoting your time to exploration, building, mining, monster hunting, farming or creation of elaborate traps. The most impressive thing I have seen is the creation of a working logic circuit in the game, something I would never have expected. It is a sandbox game in every respect. The procedurally generated fully transformable landscapes bring endless gameplay possibilities.

A major appeal of Minecraft is in taming the wilderness. By starting with nothing, you’ll build up a collection of tools and materials and be able to shape the world as you see fit. You can then observe the world change over time as you build and become familiar with the landscape, or in multiplayer seeing other groups undertake vast projects.


It is difficult to be overly critical of a game that is currently in alpha, with many systems still to be implemented. In the existing game there are no goals other than those that you set yourself, which at times can make the experience feel somewhat hollow as you have little ‘reason’ to play.

The game is not good at telling you how to play, and it’s very hard to work out how to survive and create anything but the simplest items without the aid of internet tutorials. While tutorials are planned to be added at a later date it makes the game, it’s quite abstruse at the moment for someone not aware of these factors.