Dead Rising 2


There’s a large variety of ever expanding tools and skills with which to play. The absurdity of some of the combination items is a standout factor, as it can lead to hilarious situations with its tongue in cheek approach. Moments such as creating a lightsaber using a torch or attaching a car battery to a wheelchair and running through a crowd of zombies are some of the most genuinely funny moments I have experienced in a game.

The game is very good at creating tension with the use of time limits and multiple missions which cannot all be completed in a single play through; you’re left to decide which are the most important. This often leads to barely making the next objective in time, with random encounters often throwing your plans off-kilter, or weapons breaking and needing improvisation to survive. Doing all this while the clock is ticking makes for some really tense moments.


The game feels as though it should encourage experimentation, however doing so is often a quick way to loading your last save. This is partly due to the way the game is structured. There isn’t enough time to play around and complete the game successfully, often leading to situations where you’re forced to either play the missions or play around with the various tools you are given while going off and doing your own thing.

As the game gives little warning that encounters with “psychopaths” are going to occur, they simply become too challenging without proper preparation. This often results in a restart of that section being required. These parts made up the most frustrating trial and error gameplay in Dead Rising 2. The controls are not good enough for dealing with these encounters, and your limited skill set at lower levels only makes this worse.