Filming follow ups

Well its been precisely a year and three days since I last did some writing on this internet websites so I guess I should explain myself, what with writing for my fellows now defunct videogame blog and my final year at University I really was having to much fun to write about the clearly inferior and difficulterer to write about medium of films.

Having written an article about what moving pictures I missed in the cinema last year I have now seen them all in lovely blu-ray on my equally lovely if overpriced and rarely used playstations III, In part due to a one pound trial of blockbusters online renting service which worked quite nicely. So I will sum them up in ascending order right to my favourite.

4. Drag me to hell
This film didn’t quite work for me it had its moments a demonic goat being the best but most of the time the film felt like it was going though the motions.

3. State of Play
Nothing special but entertaining enough whodunnit manages to be intelligent but not overwhelming, good acting, some enjoyable action and a decent twist make it a worthwhile watch.

3. Let the Right One In
These top two are a lot harder to judge as I liked all of them a lot though for entirely different reasons. Let the Right One In was one of the most uncomfortable films I have there’s an underlying sense of dread throughout and it is utterly convincing that something terrible is going to happen to everyone involved, great performances and a truly frightening experience, it is a must see film for those who think horror films are now little more than torture porn.

1. Moon
I could pretend it’s the Marxist metaphor of this film I liked but it was really Sam Rockwells performance and the tension the film builds up as more of the nefarious overcompanys workings come to light. A different film that deservers better commercial recognition than it did. But what doesn’t not long till tranfformerz 3 lololololololol

I should add a videogame part to the site in the next few weeks and maybe even make my own wordpress theme, but no promises, mostly due to me being a far more reliable at producing content.