Films yeah

Practically none of the films I’ve seen this year have really blown me away with the possible exception of Star Trek which I guess show just how big a nerd I really am. However there are several films I’ve missed that I have a feeling might go some way towards making up for what is in my opinion a fairly mediocre year. Admittedly this year is far from over (District 9 looks pretty cool) but when compared to last year it really hasn’t been anything special.

Let the Right One In
A vampire film with children but if this makes you want to cry don’t worry it is supposedly nothing like Twilight so I fully expect it to be genuinely creepy and have blood and everything, like a proper vampire film should not a bunch of sparkling whiney vegetarian bellend vampires.

State of Play
Russell crow is a reporter who runs around trying to solve some political conspiracy about a murder, the trailer makes it sound far better than I could ever so I’ll just post that.

Not actually missed yet but I doubt I’m going get a chance to see it, its not easy to describe without spoiling the twist that the trailer shows though I doubt it can be the only one. Psychological thriller I guess where a man is on the moon (surprise) when weird things start happening, also Kevin Spacey plays a computer.

Drag me to hell
A horror comedy in the style of Brain Dead and the director Sam Raimi’s own Evil Dead. Supposedly pretty good and it’s nice to see a director returning to his roots after they’ve made it all big in Hollywood and that.